The Altius Fall Long Track has resulted in more MCAT 95th-100th percentile scoring students than any other!

This 1 Proven Strategy will Increase your 2022 MCAT Score:

Most premeds take the MCAT late spring of their Junior year and don’t start prepping until after the spring semester begins. Using student data from 15+ years, Altius has discovered a simple way to boost your score over the competition: Start studying the semester before you plan to take the MCAT.

2-for-1 MCAT Prep

Benefit from 2 semesters of MCAT prep for the price of one with the Altius Fall Long Track.

You will have more time in the program, more time to work with your private mentor, and more time to use program resources — it is your best value!

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ends Oct. 31

Altius guarantees if you complete all aspects of the program, you will score in the 90th Percentile or above, or we will continue to work with you until you do — and the Fall Long Track can't be beat.

Purchase the Fall Long Track program, and begin working with your private mentor today. Call now to speak with an MCAT Advisor.


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